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FAQs for The Beauty Wardrobe online and in clinic store.

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  • Great, I want to buy laser treatments. What do I do next?
    First you pick your areas & packages. You can either pay in full before any of your treatments or pay over instalments. The choice is yours. Find our payment plans here. Secondly you would book in a Soprano Laser Consultation for here. We require a £50 booking fee when booking in. This is to ensure there is a genuine client behind the booking. This fee will either go towards your treatment price. We also need to ask you some medical questions. Both payment and questions can be done over the phone, even if you booked your consultation online. Your booking maybe automatically cancelled if we cannot take deposit. Once you’ve had your consultation and decide Soprano Ice is the treatment for you, you would pay a further £50 deposit to book in for your first treatment. £50 + £50 = £100 The deposit goes towards your final treatment cost. You need to give us 48 hours notice to change or cancel your consultation. Otherwise you may lose your deposit. 48 hours after your consultation, book in your first session.
  • How many treatments do I need?
    Everyone is different. You tend to need less sessions than, lets just say, IPL Laser. We offer courses of 6 & 8. This is generally a minimum for an effective hair reduction results.
  • Does Laser actually get rid of my hairs forever?
    Simple answer is Yes. However it doesn’t stop NEW hairs from being stimulated. It is common to have top up sessions every year or two years just to keep on top of any new hair growth. Developing any of the following conditions can trigger off hair growth; Thyroid, Diabetes, hormonal inbalances, PCOS, Pregnancy, Menopause, Fibroids, Endometriosis, certain medication(s) and even stress!! For these conditions, Laser is still the best method of hair reduction as other temporary methods can be seen to stimulate hair growth. Book in a free 1 hour consultation here with our highly trained Laser Operative/s will determine this.
  • What is the process whilst I have treatment done?
    You would shave the night before or trim the morning of on the areas you are lasering. Any surgery, dental work or anti biotics could cause photosensitivity. You need to tell us of any medical changes before booking. After your laser session, yours hair will take generally around 7 – 14 days to drop out. After the hairs have dropped out, you should be hair free for a week or so. Once the next hairs start to peep through, book your next session.
  • Is it really painless?
    Yes. Pain mangement has been measured in all Soprano Ice clinics, up and down the country, on a scale of 1 -10 (1 being least amount of pain and 10 being the most), have ever recorded a maximum of 1. Come and try it for yourself. Book in your free consultation and patch test here.
  • How do I treat grey hairs and does laser work on grey hairs?
    Laser light is attracted to melanin. Melanin is in ones skin colour and also in dark hair. This is the reason traditional laser is more effective on light skin tones against dark hairs as all the laser energy is attracted to the hairs melanin. On grey or white hairs there is no melanin. You would need to combine the laser treatment for the dark hairs and electrolysis specifically for grey / white hairs. We charge £35 for every 15 min of treatment. Please book your Electrolysis Cons & P/Test and Laser Consultation together with Surrinder via our online booking system here. Grey / white hairs are on the face. If the area has upto 50% grey / white hairs anywhere on the face or neck then you would have laser treatment first, then 2 weeks later have electrolysis. 2 weeks later start laser and then 2 weeks later electrolysis. You would do this until your course finishes.
  • I’ve had Laser Hair Removal before & wasn’t as effective as I thought. Is Soprano Ice going to give me the same results?
    No. Our Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal machine is double the engine power than even Sopranos older models. It has the latest cooling technology, which allows more power delivery and quicker results. Together with a thorough consultation with our laser operative/s, we set our mission to find the “Root Cause” of your unwanted hair.
  • What is the safest Laser hair removal for asian, tanned and dark skin tones?
    The answer is Soprano Ice Titanium plus our years of experience of The Beauty Wardrobe We thrive to get you results and it's what excites us to come into work. You getting the results you deserve. We don't have standard settings as every single person is individual. We safely increase the settings where we can and aim for the best results we can hope to get.
  • Is Soprano Laser Ice safe?
    Yes. It is safe. It is FDA approved (Americas Food and Drug Administration) and EU approved. Its innovative design allows the hairs to be permanently reduced without any erythema (hot feeling under the skin) as the graphite tip of the machine is -3 degrees. Click here to view FDAs report.
  • Do I have to shave my face for Laser Hair Removal?
    You can only shave your face once you know 100% you are having laser treatment. Some people are reluctant on shaving as is understandable, but remember you can trim instead. We need the hairs to be attached to the bulb in order to get permanent results. Threading or waxing pulls the hairs from the roots leaving it uneffective. When you come in for initial consultation, please leave your hairs untouched so we can see the natural growth. This is generally 3-4 weeks after your last hair removal session. If we time this correctly, many women DON’T need to shave as we rely on the booking to be just before the hairs start to come through
  • I take Terbinafine medication for nail fungal, can I still have treatment?
    No, this medication can cause you to burn on your nail and cause irreversable damage. Please leave 6 months between your last tablet taken and your first nail fungal laser treatment.
  • Does Nail Fungal Treatment work?
    Yes, if the brittle nail is indeed fungal, this treatment will be effective. However one must also do everthing to help the treatment along. Chnaging socks, treating Athletes foot and airing your feet is very important in between treatment.
  • How do I know I have Fungal Nail?
    You can get the doctor to test the nail to check in fact you do have Fungal Nail. Some times this can be trauma on the nail and sometimes hard to distinguish. Only a doctor can confirm whether you do have it, not our therapists.
  • How many Sessions do I need?
    This depends on the nail you have a problem on. Essentially after having the laser nail fungal treatment, we are essentially allowing the nail fungal to grow out. On your big toe this can take up to 1 year to grow out. On the smaller nails, this may take up to 9 months. The treatments are once every 3 -4 weeks so you could need up to 12 for big toe and 10 for smaller toes. This also depends the growth rate of your nail
  • What is your returns procedure?
    We refund any items you are not entirely happy with as long you have not opened, broken the seal or used the items. Customer is responsible for all costs for returns. Please fill out our form below and tell us the reason you are returning. Please send returns recorded delivery ONLY to: The Beauty Wardrobe Ltd 1230-1234 Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 8LG Upon recieving the order, we will credit your account with the value paid for each item returned. Customer is responsible for paying postage & packaging on all returns, whether thats UK or international. Customer is also responsible for delivery reaching us for returns.
  • Do you offer Worldwide delivery?
    No, we currently do not offer this service as of yet.
  • Do you offer refunds on in-store treatments or deposits?
    No, we do not offer refunds on any treatments or any deposits made towards the treatment or treatments we have yet to introduce. You can however use the monetary value towards another service only. If this is the case a consultation fee may be added to the service.
  • Do you only accept Paypal as payment for online product ordering?
    No, we accept Paypal & Credit / Debit Card for purchases on our online store through paypal or Stripe
  • Do you offer next day delivery?
    Yes, we offer next day delivery for an extra £5.99, providing you order before 12pm Tues – Fri. Orders made on a Saturday, Sunday & Monday will be sent out on the following Tuesday. We always send all our items recorded delivery.
  • How many sessions do I require?
    You can start with as little as 3 sessions and go up to 1 a month for a year. If you have amazing skin and want to maintain your skin, this is the treatment for you. This treatment forces your skin to keep making new collegen and plumps up your skin in the areas we target. Great for already amazing skin, great for lack, saggy skin and everything in between.
  • Does it hurt?
    No. Its the most comfortabe laser treatment ever. its that comfortable, some people snooze during the treatment.
  • What is Clearlift Laser facial?
    Clearlift laser facial is a unique Q-switch laser, using the best technology to deliver laser energy in different depths to help with fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and any superficial blemishes.
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