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25+ Years Medical Experience
Medical Experience
Complimentary Consultations*
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Aesthetics &

Harley Street Doctor, Dr Anoob 

☑  The very best in Anti Wrinkle Injections
☑  Dermal Fillers
☑  PRP and Hair Thinning Treatment
☑  Professional Doctor administering the Treatments


Important Dates

Next Clinic 
Wednesday 13th December 
- 2pm - 8pm

"Want to talk about options before committing?
Come to talk to me on this date"

Taking Appointments Now

Who is it for?

Botox Injection
  Harley Street Doctor, performing treatments in Bradford

 Over 25 Years Medical experience and experience with all skin types

  Using Anti Wrinkle Injections, PRP, and Dermal Fillers to name a few

 Treatments for Hair Thinning

 Great Results, see his before and afters


Dr Anoob is bringing his expertise and knowledge to The Beauty Wardrobe, where he will be doing a Open event where you can come and speak with Dr Anoob, no obligation and ask any questions you may have.

Free Consultation

Come in on September 16th 2023 and speak with Dr Anoob and have a free consultation.

Harley Street

Harley Street Doctor, performing top treatments here in Bradford.

25 Years

Dr Anoob has over 25+ Years Medical experince and sits on the AAAM board.

Clinics Open

Clinics will be open once a month and have the opportinity to book in. 


Before & After

Before & After




In our clinic, we have a pre-defined process as to how we proceed to the consultation booking.

Come see Dr Anoob

Come to show Dr Anoob your concerns and get some advice on what treatments should be best

Medical Questions

You will be required to go through some medical questions, regarding injectables

Book in - Fill in E-Form

Please book a free consultation. Please provide your E-Form consultation form back within 48hrs as we can quickly determine if you are suitable for the treatment

Who Is Dr Anoob?

Dr Anoob
Dr Anoob.JPG

Dr. Anoob is one of the top medical aesthetic consultants in the UK and is board-certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM).  He has been a doctor for over 25 years.

Dr. Anoob received aesthetics training in the UK and abroad, earning the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine's (AAAM) Diploma in aesthetics as well as the Board certification, the highest accolade in aesthetics.

In addition to serving as a judge for the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize, Dr. Anoob now collaborates with the faculty as a mentor for foreign participants in the AAAM course. 

Dr. Anoob, who holds numerous medical credentials, also earns diplomas in regional anesthesia and acute pain management. He has secured three worldwide publications on various facets of regional anesthesia as a recognised expert in his area.


Dr. Anoob takes great delight in working with the utmost care and attention to give his patients the full confidence they need to look and feel their best. He always has his patient's best interests in mind. He can blend almost 25 years of medical expertise into his work thanks to his history as an anesthetist and his breadth of medical knowledge, ensuring that his clients are in the safest hands possible.


Friends in Nature
"I get my laser hair removal done at the beauty wardrobe and I wouldn’t wanna get it done elsewhere! The staff are so friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Each session is detailed and the staff let me know exactly what they are doing and what settings they are using etc which makes me feel very comfortable! Overall I would recommend this place they also offer loads of other services! Xxx"

Sabirah Ali, Leeds

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