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10+ Years Waxing Experience
Fully Qualified Therapists
High Google Rating 4.5+
Tea Tree Wax
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​Hot Wax, Roller Wax & Strip Wax Hair Removal

Experienced therapists who can treat both hot wax, strip and roller wax 

☑  Have three systems on-site. Hot, Roller & Strip wax
☑  Experienced female therapists
☑  Book online, 24/7
☑  Welcome first time waxing

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The Beauty Wardrobe is an authorised clinic with the local council and is insured to perform the treatment with guildlines instructed by our insurers. All members of our team are qualified to perform those treatment either with City & Guilds or NVQ

Full Body Wax

Book in with an experienced waxing specialist. There's nothing she hasn't seen before.

Full Bikini & Hollywood Wax

We use strip wax on the outer and hard wax on the inner as standard. If you require hard wax, please state before.

Peri Anal

The one everyone gets nervous about. It will be over within 7 mins. 

Choose Waxing Method

Book the correct wax, hard wax or strip wax. If you get stuck, call us on 01274 200016 and we can guide you.

We Do Not Offer Face Waxing

Due to being skin specialist, nothing good ever comes out of waxing one's face. Maybe eyebrows, but compromising the skin's natural protective layer, the acid mantle, with hot wax can have long-term effects.


We are currently helping others deal with their skin issues caused by waxing of the face, in their younger years.

Payment Plan

Payment methods such as pay-as-you-go, subscription, and upfront payment, offer flexibility and convenience for customers.  They can choose the best option that suits their needs and budget.


Pay for the treatment as you have them with no commitments.


Pay a monthly payment, minimum 12 month for services.

Klarna Payment

Pay up to *3 instalments on your first 3 months.

Want to know our latest prices for courses, please click the link below

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Pre & Post Care


Please remember to have at least about 0.5 cm worth of growth. If you use a clipper, please trim any long hairs down to a blade 2 or 3. If the hairs are too short then we may not be able to pick up the hairs. We can only go over the same area a maximum of 2-3 times otherwise bruising can occur.
Skincare, Ointments & Henna
Please do not use creams, lotions, Henna or oils on the skin for up to 48 hours before or after If it's a retinol or AHA-based product, please come off them 72 hours beforehand. 
What Should I Wear?
Try wearing loose clothes. We do use after-wax to stop the stickiness, however, it can feel like in certain parts it could be 
Medication & Retinols
Please make sure you are not on any medication at least 4 weeks before the session. Come off any retinol and active ingredients like AHA or Glycolic acid at least 72 hours before and after treatment.



In our clinic, we have a pre-defined process as to how we proceed to the consultation booking.

Book in consultation

Come see us and get a thorough skin consultation and we will recommend products and treatments accordingly

Medical Questions

As we are using Class 4 lasers, we require up-to-date medical declarations as some medications and medical conditions can cause harm to the skin.

Book in - Fill in E-Form

Please book a free consultation. Please provide your E-Form consultation form back within 48hrs as we can quickly determine if you are suitable for the treatment


Friends in Nature
"I get my laser hair removal done at the beauty wardrobe and I wouldn’t wanna get it done elsewhere! The staff are so friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Each session is detailed and the staff let me know exactly what they are doing and what settings they are using etc which makes me feel very comfortable! Overall I would recommend this place they also offer loads of other services! Xxx"

Sabirah Ali, Leeds

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