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Price Calculator

Pay in Instalments

Don't need to pay all monies up front


The easiest way to spread your payments without a credit check

No Credit Check

Spread your payments so you are finished half way through your course

Pay each time you come in or Direct Debit per month

Easy to manage Finance



15 - 60 MIN



Step 1

Choose your treatment(s) and area(s) and calculate the total cost. This could a combination of laser hair removal and  lets just say skin resurfacing or any other treatments. Remember you get to pay in instalments ;-)

Instalments are for courses of treatments only.


Step 2

Book via online or call 01274200016 if you prefer to speak with someone. Please mention ANY Medical / Medicines you maybe taking before booking in. This may affect your treatment(s).

Step 3

Attend your consultation. We take £100 non refundable deposit for each course on the day of the consultation IF you decide to go ahead. Total £100 DOES go towards the cost of the treatment. If your course of treatments is 8 in total, the instalment plan must be paid by the 4th session (half way through).

Step 4

You can book 48 hours after your patch test OR you can book the following month. Up to you. Remember your first instalment will be due on your first session. NO Credit Checks, just a deal between you and The Beauty Wardrobe. If you don't pay, you don't have your treatment. Simples 

*Remember failaure to give 48hours notice under all circumstances will result in a loss of treatments that were booked in.

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