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How to layer your skincare properly

Step 1: Cleanser

Cleansing should remove any makeup or dirt from your skin while also adding a burst of hydration, and if you wear makeup, you should definitely be double cleansing. To double cleanse, start with a cleansing oil (the most nourishing way to remove any makeup as they’re free from harsh chemicals, soaps, and parabens), then use a foam or gel cleanser (or whichever best suits your skin type). It sounds extra, but it will make sure there’s absolutely no makeup or dirt on your skin before you continue the rest of your regime.

Extra Step: Mask or Exfoliate

Once your skin is completely clean, now is the time to do any extra steps in your routine, like a clay mask or peel-off mask or exfoliating your skin. If you want to use a sheet mask, you should do this after you’ve toned your skin (as it’s essentially a serum step).

Step 2: Toner

Toning is super important as it removes any grime or makeup residue that your cleanser wouldn’t budge, plus any minerals or chlorine from your water. It will also instantly tighten your pores and help restore your skin’s pH levels for a more even skin tone.

Extra Steps: Essence or Spot Treatment

Essence: If you use an essence in your skincare routine, now is the time to apply. Essences are like a more hydrating, thicker toner. Essences are patted into the skin and can have amazing hydrating and healing properties.

Spot Treatment: Apply your spot treatment now so it can absorb properly and start working its magic. Allow a few minutes before moving on to your next step.

Step 3: Serum

Serums are lightweight formulas and contain high concentrations of active ingredients. The formula is made up of smaller molecules that are absorbed into the skin at a much deeper level. This makes serums ideal if you’re trying to target a specific skincare issue, like acne, fine lines or dry skin. Like essences (which are basically a thinner ‘more watery’ version of serums), you only need a small amount – about the size of two pomegranate seeds!

Eye creams can brighten under eyes, reduce puffiness, and add an extra hit of moisture. Depending on the formula it may look like a serum or a thick moisturizer, but now is the time to apply it, as there are fewer ‘barriers’ for it to get through, and it can be absorbed more easily! Always apply your eye cream with your fourth finger in a tapping motion, as this is the weakest finger so you won’t tug or pull the delicate skin. We also love to keep our eye cream in the fridge; it’s the ultimate eye wake-up call in the mornings!

Tip: If your eye cream contains retinol, you can apply after your moisturizer, as this will lower the risk of it irritating the skin.

We hope you enjoy these tips we've put together for you! Be sure to visit our website for all your skin needs!

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