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Five reasons to book your facial right now

It reduces stress and psychological distress

According to a study that was published in the journal of biomedical research journal. Facial massage activates your lymphatic nervous system. This reduces your anxiety and uplifts your mood. The face has hundreds of pressure points and having someone who massages the face can not only give you the best facial glow but can also can truly help your organs.

Cleanses your skin deeply

Without expert grade skincare, your skin can not be cleansed thoroughly. This often isn’t something you can do at home and can possibly more expensive than having a regular facial in the salon. Your facialist can understand your skin better and will tailor the product/ facial according to your needs.

Prevents Ageing

Regularly getting your facial means you are regularly getting your skin cleaned. Having a facial every 4-6 weeks helps promote cell regeneration and collagen development. This gives you younger looking skin.

Treats acne and acne scarring

Depending on the type of facial you go for, will determine how much the facial will help with your acne and acne scarring. With professional salon grade skincare, your facialist will be able to help tackle your acne and scarring.

Facialists use expert skincare

The skincare used at the salon is always tailored to the likes of the customer. Each product is used depending on your skin type. Your facialist will firstly examine your skin and its condition and advise you on the recommended facial for you. All the product that would be used, work together to help combat the issue you are struggling with.

At The Beauty Wardrobe, we offer facials for all different skin types. From skin pigmentation to achieving super smooth glowy skin- we got you!

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